Board Members

  • Mary Facciani – Board Chair
  • Cyndi Magee – Vice Chair
  • Pam Jones – Secretary
  • Tracy Guseman – Treasurer
  • Gayle Schnorenberg – Member
  • Dirk Andrews - Member
  • Mike Jennings – Member

Participating Employers

How do I use the service?

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for counseling services at Three Trails, check with someone from your personnel or human resource department, or a person in a management position. Each worksite determines who is eligible for the service. Once you determine that you may seek help, your spouse, life partner, or dependent family member may also seek assistance with you or independently. If you have a minor child who wishes to seek help, you are asked to attend the first session and sign a form that gives us permission to help your child.

You may call us directly at 307-237-5750 to make an appointment or stop by the office located at 812 South David Street in Casper, Wyoming. Our fax number is 307-237-5772.

Upon arrival you will fill out some paperwork that gives us important information in helping to provide effective service and you will meet with your counselor for fifty minutes. The first session is spent providing information to the counselor that helps him or her assess the scope and nature of your concern. If your counselor feels that a referral to another provider is in order, he or she will discuss this with you at length. In many instances, however, counseling with your EFAP counselor is appropriate and effective.

It is important to remember that your EFAP service is meant to provide timely service to a large number of people. Your patience in scheduling is appreciated. Be assured, however, that your counselor will make every attempt to insure that your needs are being addressed in the most effective way possible.

Any business, for profit or non-profit, may join Three Trails EFAP. A business may join at any time during the year (if resources are sufficient) and once that occurs, employees, spouses, life partners and dependent family members ( ages 4 up to 21 ) may use the service. There is no session limit per year.

Information on a particular employee's usage of service will not be provided to employers. The confidential nature of this service is critical if employees are to benefit. General usage data for small employers will be provided on a periodic basis. Further, those who seek out Three Trails must do so voluntarily. Three Trails does not provide mandatory counseling or counseling as a punitive or disciplinary measure.

The annual cost for membership is $65.00 per covered employee. All full-time employees must be included in the plan. It is the Employer’s decision whether or not to include part-time employees. Employers pay the same rate for each eligible employee.

Spouses, life partners, dependent family members ( ages 4 up to 21 ), and retirees may use the service at no extra assessment.

In the first year of membership, the business $65.00 per FTE assessment will be prorated. Additionally, there is a one-time $15 per FTE assessment when a business first joins. This amount is applied for research and development costs, such as educating staff members on the EFAP program, use of training consultants if necessary, and purchase of equipment that may be required to serve added employees.

If you would like further information on joining the Three Trails EFAP program, please, contact us at 307-237-5750. We would be happy to send you more information or come and speak to you and your employees at your convenience.