EFAP Model

LogoThree Trails EFAP was set up in 1999 as the last program in a model that originated throughout Canada. At present, there are approximately 18 programs in all. Our umbrella organization, Insight EFAP International, brings these programs together once a year to further develop our services for the benefit of employees. Currently, Three Trails EFAP is the only program in the United States.

Three Trails EFAP, a professionally staffed counseling agency, is located at 812 South David Street. It is purposely not housed in any member worksites to preserve confidentiality of the clients and, therefore, make it a safer and more attractive environment. It is staffed by an Executive Director, 4 Licensed Professional Counselors and an Office Assistant. A resource library is also available for members to check out materials on a variety of issues that help promote emotional growth.

A unique aspect of the program is the ability of a spouse, live-in partner, or dependent family member ( ages 4 up to 21 ) to also use the service. While they may be seen as part of marriage or family counseling, they may also use the service independently of the employee.

Concerns that individuals may bring to Three Trails can be anything that interferes with living, such as marital or parenting problems, alcohol and drug use, workplace stress, depression, and many others. No concern is inappropriate since it is the counselor's job to refer individuals to appropriate services if the problem is outside of their expertise or falls beyond the scope of counseling at Three Trails. More importantly, no concern is too small, since prevention and early intervention is the goal of the program.

Three Trails EFAP is governed by a Board of Directors made up of designated employees of member worksites. The Executive Director of Three Trails is directly accountable to the Board and thus is accountable to the member worksites. The Board is responsible for setting policies regarding the philosophy and function of Three Trails and supervising the Executive Director.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program is also comprised of workplace EFAP committees and representatives. These are trained employees that promote the EFAP and use of Three Trails for those that may benefit from it. In addition, EFAP committees facilitate educational programming within their worksites that serves to strengthen positive living skills in their employees.