Three Trails EFAP Counseling
Services & Specializations

Individual Counseling
Our counselors provide individual counseling for a variety of presenting concerns (depression, anxiety, grief, addictions, etc). There is no problem to small or too big to address with your counselor. We provide referrals for clients if they need more intensive counseling. This would be addressed in the counseling session if it is recommended. We provide individual counseling for adults and minors (ages 4 -21).

Couples Counseling
We also provide couples counseling. Our counselors work toward improving on communication, trust, relationship and whatever concerns are brought to the table by the clients to address.

Family Counseling
We work with families to improve on the dynamics in the family system.

Currently, Wesley Bertagnole provides hypnotherapy to clients. A client who is receiving hypnotherapy would also be working with a primary counselor as well. Wesley is working towards getting his necessary hours to be a licensed hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is scheduled on Monday nights from 6 – 7 pm.

Couples Therapy utilizing Gottman Method
Wesley Bertagnole is a level one trained therapist with Gottman method of working with couples. Gottman method with working with couples is an evidence based practice that has been found to be effective with couples. Jamie Leslie has also received training on Gottman method with working with couples but is not a level one trained therapist at this time.

Charles McBride has attended training on utilizing EMDR with clients. He is able to provide EMDR for clients experiencing a single incident of trauma.

Play Therapy
Bonda Zeller and Jamie Leslie both utilize Play Therapy techniques when working with children. Neither are licensed play therapists but both have utilized training from various workshops and classes to utilize Play Therapy techniques.

Charles McBride has 2 years of experience working with addictions and can work with clients’ battling addictions as well as other presenting problems.

Emotion-Focused Therapy
Liz Kornkven utilizes Emotion-Focused Therapy with couples. Emotion-Focused Therapy was developed in the 80’s. It is designed to address distress in the intimate relationships of adults. Research examining outcomes for couples who have participated in emotional focused therapy shows that therapy decreases distress within relationships and partners interact in more successful ways.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Liz Kornkven is trained to use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with clients. DBT aims to treat individuals who see little to no improvement with other models of therapy. This treatment focuses on problem solving and acceptance-based strategies within a framework of dialectical methods.Integrating

In addition to her Master’s degree in counseling, Liz Kornkven completed three years of ministry school. For spiritually-oriented clients, she helps to integrate the client’s spirituality into the counseling process. This approach complements her eclectic combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior, couples counseling and other modalities.