Three Trails EFAP Presentations

Coping with Stress
This presentation covers the symptoms and warning signs of stress and works towards developing coping skills to manage stress. This presentation can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and ½.

Holiday Stress
This presentation is similar to the coping with stress except the focus is on holiday stressors. This presentation can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and ½.

Talk it out: The Role of Communication in Relationships
The presentation looks at conflict styles and emotional flooding that can occur in relationships. It works towards supplying useful communication tips that individuals can use in their various daily relationships. The length of this presentation is an hour.

The Psychology of Change
The presentation looks at stress and the effects of adjustments to our everyday lives and relationships. It develops coping skills to improve on managing change. It also examines communication skills. This presentation can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and ½.

The Dark Side of Empathy
The presentation examines burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. It defines these terms and gives signs and symptoms of each. Then a general wellness plan is discussed.

Crucial Conversations
This presentation is geared towards supervisors. It focuses on communication tips in the workplace.

Helping Your Days Be Merry and Bright: Goal Setting for the Holidays and its Positive Mental Affects
This presentation has been done around the holidays and focuses on setting goals that are effective and realistic. The presentation is about an hour long.

Healthy Functioning for Families/Friends of Loved Ones Serving in the Military
This presentation focuses on tips to help families and friends who have a loved one who is deployed. It is about an hour long.

Customize your own presentation
We welcome the chance to develop a presentation for your organization. Just let us know what we can put together for you that would best fit the needs of your employees and we will get it developed.

We also provide a quick orientation (5 – 10 minutes) that could be utilized for orientation of new employees or during staff meetings. The orientation would include an overview of the services, who is able to receive counseling services, counselors at Three Trails, and how to set up an appointment. Pamphlets and other free materials from Three Trails would be distributed.

Wellness Fairs
We would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your wellness fairs for your business or organization. We will supply pamphlets and other free materials promoting the services of Three Trails EFAP. One of our counselors or our executive director will be there at the table to answer any questions that employees may have.

Crisis Interventions
If your workplace is experiencing a crisis and you would like a counselor onsite to provide crisis debriefing, just give us a call. We can either have a counselor do a group crisis debriefing or a room onsite could be utilized for individual employees to talk to a counselor.